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Portland Subway Map on Participation-term certificates are allowed as a means for corporate finance instead of debentures. The certificates are both transferable and negotiable with the proviso that unlike debentures, the holders of certificates would share in the profit (loss) of the companies instead of a given interest. Housing finance is carried out through banks that would own the building, charge a rent premium till they recovered their loan capital plus a markup; or on a rentsharing basis with co-ownership where a share of the rent is imputed as return to the bank. The central bank is allowed to issue hire-purchase leases where the bank would purchase (own) physical commodities and hire them out for a rent premium. The banks are allowed to advance interest free loans and charge administrative costs at negotiated rates. It may be noted that foreign transactions are generally allowed on an interest-rate basis to keep the complications to a minimum. Also, the two systems, interest-based and interest-free banking are allowed to operate side-by-side for a period of initial introduction. Portland Subway Map 2016.

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