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EPIPHANES 2nd c., heretic of gnostic tendency, son of Carpocrates and known from a mention in Clement Strom. III, 2, 5-9. He wrote a treatise On justice in which he maintained that the natural law the work of God the creator, Portland Map Tourist Attractions the source of equality and of complete communion of goods and of women has been violated by human law, which prescribed the division of property and marriage. Portland Map Tourist Attractions Hence his system was not dualistic, since responsibility for evil was attributed to human law. Clement relates that Epiphanes’s mother Alexandra was a native of Cephalonia, and that at Same of Cephalonia, Epiphanes, dead at 17 and immediately divinized, received honors at the time of the full moon. This last fact, of doubtful credibility, has led to the hypothesis of the identification of Epiphanes with a lunar god, and of Carpocrates, also called Harpocrates, with Horus.

EPIPHANIUS, monk 8th-9th c., monk and priest of Constantinople. A monk in the Kallistratos convent of Constantinople, we have no other information on his life; he is often identified with others of the same name: Epiphanius, hegumen of Mount St. Portland Map Tourist Attractions Auxentius, or Epiphanius Agiopolita. He is the author of the first Life of Mary two recensions, also attributed to Epiphanius of Salamis, written based on the various apocrypha and translated into Latin in the 12th c. by Paschalis Romanus; and of the Life of Andrew Apostle, important for the development of the Apostle’s legend the apostolicity of the see of Constantinople. Other works are ascribed to him.

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