Port Moresby Map

Port Moresby Map

Facts Port Moresby
Countries Port Moresby Map: Papua New Guinea
Port Moresby Map States: National Capital District (Central Province)
Found to Port Moresby Map: 1873
Port Moresby Map and Area: 240 km2
Port Moresby Map and Population: 307,643
Port Moresby Map And Lat Long Coordinate: 9‚°30‚²49.1‚³S147‚°13‚²7.7‚³E
Time Zone of Port Moresby Map: UTC+10
Port Moresby Map And Codes: 675
Languages of Port Moresby Map: Engl, Tok Pisin, Hiri Motu
Religions of Port Moresby Map: Christians
Interesting places of Port Moresby Map: Bulldog Track, Sepik River, Owen Stanley Range

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