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Popular vacation spots for That the Messiah’s birth is in view is clear from verses As we saw in the last chapter, the only plausible identification of the great celestial light that would shine in the deep darkness is that it is a great comet. Fifth, if the star were a comet, this would shed light on the peculiar behavior of the Star at the climax of its apparition, coinciding with the final phase of the Magi’s journey. Notably, according to Matthew , the Star seemed to go ahead of the Magi, irst to Bethlehem. Thereafter the Star went through a phase of coming recall our discussion in chapter Then, presumably within a half-dozen hours or so of their arrival in Bethlehem, the Star was stationed over one particular house, standing over it and thereby pinpointing it as the place where the messianic child and his mother were located. The Star’s going on ahead of the Magi to Bethlehem, in the south, when it was at its culmination highest point, would have made it seem that it was moving on a basically horizontal plane. The coming seems to indicate that the Star’s movement thereafter was a downward one. The Star’s standing over a particular house strongly implies that it was setting essentially upright behind the structure, from the Magi’s perspective, looking like it was about to enter it. Popular vacation spots 2016.

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