Political Map of Pakistan

CLIMATE: East Pakistan from November to mid-March is generally delightfully cool with low humidity and little rain. The rest of the year generally has higher humidity and temperatures. Mean temperature in cold months is 60 degrees and in the hot season 83 degrees. West Pakistan, except for the coastal strip of Sind, is subject to extremes from freezing night temperatures in January and February to the 70‚„s in the daytime, making a very healthy winter climate. In summer, the days can be very hot, though the nights generally are cool. Karachi enjoys a pleasant climate with invigorating sea breezes except for months April, May, June and October.

CLUBS: In Karachi, Sind Club, Rotary International Club, Gvmkhana, Golf Club, Boat Club and Race Club. Inquire locally.

COMMON COURTESIES AND CUSTOMS : Shoes or sandals should be taken off before entering a mosque. Don‚„t disapprove if men do not take off their Pakistani caps in social gatherings, as it is not customary to do so.

COMMUNICATIONS I: Direct radio-telegram and radio-tele-phone service with nearly the whole world is available. Airmail postage is Rs Vi, or about 15 cents, per half ounce.

CURRENCY : The monetary unit is the Pakistani rupee, woi 21 cents United States per rupee. There are 16 annas in a rupee am 4 pice or 12 pies in an anna. Thus, 1 anna is worth about \Vs cents.

CUSTOMS REGULATIONS AND DOCUMENTS REQUIRE# FOR UNITED STATES CITIZENS: A passport, properly visaed, is required. Certificates of smallpox vaccination and inoculation against cholera are required. Yellow fever inoculation certificate required if you are coming from a yellow fever area. Bona fide baggage of a passenger is exempt from duty when it accompanies the passenger. No duty is charged on 100 cigarettes and jewelry up to Rs 5,000 (about $1,000). There is no limitation on cosmetics and such things so long as they are within reasonable limits. Limit of ‚£10 Sterling and 50 Rs.

DRUG STORES : American-type drug stores are not generally found in Pakistan. Chemists, druggists and pharmacists are found in all the shopping and business centers and in most of the hotels. American products are very scarce and very expensive.

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