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Conclusion: Donatism began as a revolt against what many Christians in N Africa considered a betrayal of the faith by their own leaders, and continued as a protest against the effects of the christiana tempora initiated by Constantine; it drew its strength from the puritan and apocalyptic traditions of N African theology. Poland Metro Map Educated laymen and clergy, as well as rural circumcellions, could find their identity in the Donatist church. Moreover, Donatism was sustained by strong popular memories of the dies traditionis thurificationis see CIL VIII, 6700 and of the persecution of Paul and Macarius the tempora macariana.

The fact that Donatism did not become the religion of the N African people as monophysitism became that of the Copts depended on an adverse combination of circumstances. At the crucial moment of the failure of Gildo’s revolt in 398, the Donatists found themselves faced by a revived and reorganized Catholic church, ably guided by Augustine and his friends and supported by the coercive power of the imperial authorities. Poland Metro Map After 429, the prevalence of new religious, political and military factors under the Vandals and the Byzantines prevented any effective revival of Donatism, until N African Christianity itself went into irremediable decline. However, the Donatist heritage of puritan nonconformity, which associated concern for Christian integrity with social justice, Poland Metro Map survived and has continued to influence Christian thought and action in the West into the present.

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