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Poland Map Tourist Attractions on The first, derived from Marx, sees capitalism as an exploitative system, squeezing surplus value out of workers, who receive minimal wages unrelated to their productive contributions. Capitalists receive profits not because they have contributed anything to production, but because they own the productive resources and are able to hire workers (who are defined precisely as that group which does not own the productive resources and therefore must work for others) to labor for them. Neoclassical theory, on the other hand, sees capitalism as a system in which all of the factors of production voluntarily come together to produce output, which is then distributed back to them in a fair and just manner. Capitalism is seen as a system in which individuals, as owners of the factors of production, but not as members of classes, enter into the productive process on an equal basis, and receive payments because of their productive contributions. Capitalism, far from being an exploitative system, rewards individuals who are productive members of society. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Athanasios Asimakopulos, ed. Poland Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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