Podgorica Map

Podgorica Map

Facts Podgorica
Countries Podgorica Map: Montenegro
Podgorica Map States: Podgorica
Found to Podgorica Map: 9 AD
Podgorica Map and Area: 1.441 km2
Podgorica Map and Population: 185937
Podgorica Map And Lat Long Coordinate: 42‚°26‚²27.76‚³N19‚°15‚²46.17‚³E
Time Zone of Podgorica Map: UTC+1
Podgorica Map And Codes: +382 20
Languages of Podgorica Map: Montenegrin
Religions of Podgorica Map: Christians (Eastern Orthodox),Islam,Atheists
Interesting places of Podgorica Map: Lake Skadar, Ostrog monastery, Tara River Canyon, Millennium Bridge, Ribnica, Sitnic

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