Playing golf abroad – useful tips

Today golf is a global game and it is considered to be a sport of luxury and leisure. It is getting more and more popular not only in Europe but also in other counties around the world. A great number of golf players, both amateurs and professionals, always use opportunities to play golf even when they go abroad.

If you are going abroad and you are planning to play golf while you are away, read the following tips that will help you make your trip perfect.

Study the golf course

It is important to keep in mind that there are actually plenty of golf courses all over the world and they are different. Some golf courses are more challenging than other they include lakes, ponds and traps. Before you start playing, make sure that you know specifications of the golf course. Find out whether the course is hilly or flat, how many holes it has, how long it is, etc.

Pack wisely

Apart from taking obvious things such as passport, casual and sport clothes, and golf equipment, you need to take other small things which may appear to be extremely necessary. You may need extra golf balls so make sure you have them. If you do not have spare golf balls, they can be easily ordered along with golf equipment and clothes at

Playing golf on a shiny day is always better than to play under the rain. However, you never know what to expect from the weather abroad. Make sure that you have packed sun glasses and rain coat as well.

You are also advised to check the dress code of the golf course. At some places you will not be allowed to play in casual clothes like shorts and a T-shirt.

Check travelling requirement for transporting golf equipment

Most golfers prefer to take their own equipment rather than to use someone’s. If this is the case, check airport requirements in order to avoid unpleasant situations. The general requirement is to pack golf equipment in hard-case bag and to check it in as baggage. Some air carriers will charge you for weight excess. Before making final decision to take your equipment with your, find out requirement of your airline to make sure transportation will not cause you too many troubles.

Hire golf equipment

If you have decided to follow a more seasonable pat and hire equipment for golf instead of taking everything with you, you should call golf courses to find out what the fees are for renting. Hiring golf equipment is not an expensive service and it is worth thinking.

Stay on the territory of the golf course if possible

Staying on the territory of the golf course can be an expensive service but really a worth one, especially if you are not an amateur but a professional player. Most golf courses have great accommodation and offer good services. You are advised to check well-known golf resorts to see what the prices are like. Another good option is to book a room in a hotel located closely to the golf course.

Golf tournaments

Before you start your trip, do a small research on possible tournaments. It would be too sad to realize that you actually had a chance to see the best golf players and how they play but you missed it. There are golf tournaments that take place all year but in different parts of the world. All you have to do is to do some research.

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