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Planning trip to hawaii for THOMAS D. JEITSCHKO, PH.D. MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY Montesquieu, Charles de (1689 1755) FRENCH NOBLEMAN, LAWYER, and Enlightenment political thinker, Charles de Montesquieu is most well known for his works Persian Letters (1721), a thinly veiled critique of 18th century French laws, customs and mores, and On the Spirit of the Laws (1748), a central treatise of Western thought that describes government and its workings. Though Montesquieu defended monarchy as the ideal form of government and nobility as the best safeguard of liberty, in particular his articulation of the idea of separation of powers, a concept that stretched back to the Roman historian Polybius, was influential in subsequent political and constitutional thought. Montesquieu’s ideas about economics and commerce appear ambivalent from the modern perspective; they bear a strong resemblance in many respects to those of Alexis de Tocqueville, who was simultaneously attracted and repelled by the merchant orientation of American democracy a century later. Montesquieu claimed that commerce made nations flourish, increased the population, and fostered peace between trading partners. Planning trip to hawaii 2016.

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