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Plan a vacation for BIBLIOGRAPHY. Richard L. Bushman, Claudia L. Bushman, The Early History of Cleanliness in America, Journal of American History (v.74/4, March 1988); Oscar Schisgall, Eyes on Tomorrow: The Evolution of Procter & Gamble ( J.G. Ferguson Publishing, 1981); Alecia Swasy, Soap Opera: The Inside Story of Procter & Gamble (Times Books, 1993); Susan Strasser, Satisfaction Guaranteed: The Making of the American Mass Market (Pantheon Books, 1989). Plan a vacation 2016.

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Contracting is similar to mutual problem solving but differs in that parents are more authorities who agree to dispense privileges and rewards in exchange for actions rather than joint problem solvers. Negative Consequences Recall our discussion of learning theories in TravelNegative consequences are used to decrease behaviors that are not desired. If attention to positive behaviors and the preceding methods have not worked, parents can institute a negative consequence to decrease the likelihood of the behavior’s recurrence. There are six general principles for using negative consequences: Intervene early. Do not let the situation get out of control.

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