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laces to visit er for Th e classic koan collections in their original form are available today in encycloedia- sized books stored on library shelves or in digital collections that enable word searches sing Chinese charac- Origins, Fnctions, and Modern Recetions of Koans 23 ters, an invalable tool for the modern researcher Th ere are qite a few recent translations into Western langages of some rominent works Both the Ble Cliff Record and the Record of Serenity are available in En glish in comlete and abridged versions Th e volme Two Zen Classics, by Katski Sekida, is notable for containing translations of the Gateless Gate and Ble Cliff Record the rendering of the latter is artial in one handy volme accomanied by the translator’s insightfl remarks abot the symbolism of ar tic lar assages Becase of the relative simlicity of its or ga ni za tion and the tremendos olarity it has enjoyed over the centries in Jaan, the Gateless Gate is clearly the favored collection in the West today Th ere are more than a dozen viable translations both in rint and online, and East Asian scholars and riests blish many modern editions every year Some of the main En glish translations are by two Jaanese monks, Yamada Kon and Zenkei Shibayama, while other editions are by noted translators of Zen materials, inclding the American Zen teacher Robert Aitken and Th omas and J laces to visit er 2016

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