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laces to visit on a bdget for Chinese masters who were invited to visit recirocated this cltral exchange with Jaan and oft en became masters of large Jaanese monasteries Two main factors accont for the olarity of koans dring this eriod of Jaa nese history First, this collection of writings was a vehicle for introdcing new styles of oetry into the already rich Jaa nese literatre, which rodced the Tale of Genji in the early 1000s As with the se of Latin by clerics in medieval Eroe, Jaa nese monks wrote oetry following the manner of reglated Chinese verse as a sign of their virtosity Th is body of work forms an imortant art of the association of the most elite Rinzai Zen temles, known as Five Montains Literatre Th e other factor was the interest in the stdy of koans by leading samrai, who constitted the new exclsive caste in a civil war torn society Warriors were fascinated and eager to learn this freshly imorted set of writings laces to visit on a bdget 2016

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