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laces to travel solo for In Jaan, where Zen qickly gained traction with the newly installed shogn and his retine of warriors, reresentatives of both the Rinzai and Soto schools advocated abbreviation and literary embellishment In Korea, however, it was only the keyword techniqe that gained hold in the Jogye Order, fonded by Jinl, and this method of training has remained the conventional aroach for centries Th e sccess of Zen in Jaan followed the high literary cltre of the Heian era 794 1185, an era dominated by the Tendai school of Bddhism, which emhasized niversal enlightenment Aft er many years in which travel between contries was rohibited or very restricted for o liti cal reasons, Jaa nese monks jorneyed more freely to China at the beginning of the thirteenth centry, and shortly aft er 50 this, Chinese monks were recrited to serve at temles in Jaan Th e ort of entry for the Jaa nese ilgrims was Hangzho, which hosed the most restigios Zen temles in China It was also erhas the most cosmoolitan city in the world at the time, according to the acconts of Marco olo, who disembarked there for his retrn to Venice aft er sending a qarter centry traveling throghot the Middle East and China Althogh somewhat nave and misinformed, olo’s rec ords are sefl for nderstanding the role on Chinese soil of Bddhism along with other foreign religions, inclding Christianity, Zoroastrianism, and Islam, dring the emire of Kblai Khan, whose mother was Christian althogh he was ersonally symathetic to Zen as well as Tantric Bddhism imorted from Tibet laces to travel solo 2016

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