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laces to travel in the sa for Layersons, on the other hand, were not reqired to condct advanced stdies and fond this aroach easy to incororate into the activities of their bsy daily lives Th e Caodong school was concerned rimarily with monastic training and contined its emhasis on literary rsits For the most art, koans were no longer being created in China, as that hase of growth had retty mch ended, bt masters in the Song dynasty rodced a few examles of new cases Linji school teacher Wz, of the late eleventh centry, whose discile Yanw was the editor of the Ble Cliff Record, created cases 35, 36, and 38 of the Gateless Gate II3 Jaa nese and Korean Extensions of Commentarial Tradition thirteenth sixteenth centries Th e tradition of koan literatre and ractice was sread to Jaan and Korea at the beginning of the thirteenth centry laces to travel in the sa 2016

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