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Places to go on vacation for In his Vita he wrote, During the very time of these games of mine, a hairy star [comet was seen during seven days, in the part of the heavens which is under the Great Bear. It rose in about the eleventh hour of the day, was very bright, and was conspicuous in all parts of the earth. The common people supposed the star to indicate that the soul of Caesar was admitted among the immortal gods; under which designation it was that the star was placed on the bust which was lately consecrated in the forum. Pliny then comments that This is what [Octavian proclaimed in public, but, in secret, he rejoiced at this auspicious omen, interpreting it as produced for himself; and, to confess the truth, it really proved a salutary omen for the world at large. Cassius Dio states that the majority ascribed [the comet star to Caesar, interpreting it to mean that he had become a god and had been included in the number of the stars and that Octavian took courage and set up in the temple of Venus a bronze statue of him with a star above his head. Octavian’s initial nervousness about the comet makes plenty of sense if the comet had been interpreted as a negative omen regarding his reign, it could have spelled serious trouble for him. However, the sources are clear that Octavian was delighted publicly and privately at the prodigious timing of the comet. Places to go on vacation 2016.

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