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Stromparterren, Norrbro. Map 3 B2. Q 08-50831790. 0 Kungstrad-girden. g 43, 62. Q Jul <5 Aug: 11am-4pm Thu-Tue, 11am-6pm Wed; Sep-Jun: 11am-4pm Tue-Sun, (also 4-6pm Wed). C3B®0 [w] This fascinating museum of medieval Stockholm is built around some of the capital's archaeological remains, mainly parts of the city wall that date from the 1530s. They were discovered in 1978-80. Completely underground, the museum includes finds evoking Stockholm's early history. Among them is the 22-m (72-ft) long Riddarholm ship, dating from the 1520s, which was found off Riddarholmen in 1930. The museum provides a good picture of Stockholm's early days. From the entrance, a 350-year-old tunnel leads into a reconstructed medieval world. There is a pillory in the square and gallows with the tools of the executioner's trade. The harbour has been recreated, with a quayside, jetties, boathouses and warehouses. As was the custom, a spruce wreath hangs outside the wine cellar to show that supplies of wine and beer have arrived from the Continent. she area known as city today was i holm. A hub for public transport and where, in the mid-18th cen- * banking, City is the place for the .L tury, the first stone-built best department stores and houses and palaces outside shopping malls, exclusive Gamla Stan started to appear for boutiques and nightspots. The the burghers and nobility. After centre also has some beautiful World War II, the run-down build- I parks and pleasant squares which ings around Hotorget were street light near serve as popular meeting demolished to form what is now KungUgaoperan places. The unique landscape Sergeis Torg; many homes were surrounding Stockholm perme- replaced by rather dreary office blocks, ates even City, offering sudden unexT In recent years, though, the area has livened up and become the true heart and commercial centre of Stock- Sights at a Glance pected glimpses of water complete with bustling boat life and a string of anglers along the embankments.

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