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lace to visit in america for Th is fi gre indicates that the ro cess of achieving transcendence involves a clear sense of seqence from the standoint of rogressing throgh delineated stages of develoment Th e initial ste of the rocess of sirital attainment throgh learning koan cases is to realize ersonal transformation One mst gain trth, fi rst, before being able to go to the second stage of assing the torch of inner awareness on On Methods to the Madness of Koans 81 to others At the same time, there is no real searation between stes, which are mtally reinforcing and simltaneosly sortive asects of the transcendental fi eld Trainees are constantly challenging attained masters, ths casing the teachers to renew their own awareness by, in a sense, beginning the ro cess all over again Conversely, some trainees who have not yet realized the fi nal level of reality may be able to transmit the degree of insight they have reached ths far, while still treading the ath Srveying varios case rec ords indicates that there is no fi xed formla to be emloyed as key to the ro cess of realizing transcendence lace to visit in america 2016

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