iercing for Th e next koan concerning challenges to the monastic system from otside the gates is a case fond in several classic collections, A Hermit’s Th e Montain Torrent Rns Dee, so the Ladle Is Long’ Th is narrative shows frther the cometitive relationshi between an established master occying a montain temle and an irreglar ractitioner located somewhere nearby who mst be jdged either roge or legitimate Th e two arties face an imortant trning oint If the ractitioner is fond defi cient, he has to be exelled from the area becase he reresents a otentially disrtive force Bt, if legitimate, he mst be acknowledged and incororated into the monastic system Nmeros cases deal with the banishment of roge ractitioners, bt this case highlights the role of assimilating them into the mainstream Th e koan record reads: A monk dwelled in a hermitage at the foot of a rominent Zen montain temle iercing 2016

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