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CUSTOMS REGULATIONS AND DOCUMENTS NEEDED FOR UNITED STATES CITIZENS J – You‚„ll need a passport, no visa. Vaccination certificate for re-entry to the United States. You

Italy may bring unlimited dollars and lire. About 400 cigarettes, or 500 grams tobacco, 2 open bottles of liquor. No restriction on food or liquor when leaving. But you may take out no more than 30,000 lire. One still camera with 5 rolls of film, and one movie camera with two rolls duty free. No restriction on portable radios if for temporary import only.

DRUG STORES: Most American products are available in the bigger farmacias, which are roughly similar to the American drug stores. The profumerie, or perfume shops, carry familiar cosmetics and toiletries as well as perfume and souvenirs.

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Piedmont City Photo Gallery

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