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As for Jews, the Council of Agde before 506 established a normal catechesis of eight months outside of the church can. 34. The ps.-Germanus of Paris 6th-7th c. attests to the catechumenatediscipleship of pagans and Jews, linking it to the rites of the ancient church Expos. liturg. 1,15; M. Smyth, La liturgie oublie. La pri¨re eucharistique en Gaule antique et dans l’Occident non romain, Paris 2003, 195; V. Saxer, Les rites, 505- 525; cf. M. Metzger: RAC 20, 561-562. Philadelphia Metro Map In Spain, the books of the Mozarabic liturgy are often a source: the Homilary of Toledo mid-7th c.; CPL 3a. 1997; O. Pasquato: RAC 20, 482; the Antiphonarium of Lon L. Brou – J. Vives, Antifonario visig³tico mozarbe de la catedral de Le³n = Mon. Hisp. Sacr. Ser. litºrg. 5,1, Barcelona 1959; cf. D. Borobio, Iniciaci³n cristiana en la Iglesia Hispana de los siglos VI al X: Salmanticensis 42 1995 29-61, with bibl.; the treatises De ecclesiasticis officiis CCL 113 of Isidore of Seville and De cognitione baptismi PL 96, 11-172 of Ildefonsus of Toledo. They distinguish catechumens audientes, vicini fidelium, non fideles, from competentes who iam petunt, iam accipiunt, iam catecizantur Isid. Hisp., Eccl. off. 2,22,1- 2; cf. RAC 20, 562. From these sources we know 1 the catechumens were dismissed before the Offertorium; 2 20 days before Easter, from dom. vicesima = 4th Sunday of Lent, the explanation of the creed traditio took place, as well as the exorcisms, insufflations, the offering of salt and anointings, with the public invited, on the previous Saturday, for the enrollment to baptism nomendatio. Ildefonsus tells of a solemn and menacing exorcism in tuba victoriae by the bishop, the effetatio De cogn. bapt. 25; 27-29; the procession over sackcloth of the penitent catechumens De cogn. bapt. 21. Mentioned are the memorization of the regula fidei Apostles’ Creed, to be recited daily Homil. Tolet. 22 PL Suppl. 4, 1950-1951, the redditio symboli, personally for adults, through the parents and godparents for children, on Holy Thursday, and the traditio orationis dominicae, immediately after baptism V. Saxer, op. cit., 531-557.

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