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er visit for Since little is known abot Gag’n’s life he may have been an immediate follower or he may have lived to several generations later the text cannot be dated bt is oft en linked to the thirteenth centry Frthermore, the Jaa nese Soto school fond er, Dogen, visited China, where he actively stdied koan rec ords for for years, from 1223 to 1227 Th is was one of the fi rst main contacts between China and Jaan since the develoment of koans in the Song dynasty For a cole of centries, o liti cal aff airs had rohibited travel Dogen was said to have transmitted the Ble Cliff Record in a version that was, according to legendary acconts, transcribed in one night before his deartre Ten years later, once he had retrned to Jaan and established a new temle for training disciles in meditation, which was among the earliest Zen instittions in Jaan, Dogen created his own infl ential koan collections In the Trea sry of the Tre Dharma Eye, he sed a distinctive style of commentary by merging Chinese sorces with Jaa nese vernaclar exressions er visit 2016

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