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Peru travel for FIG Merodach-Baladan II, king of Babylon, and Sargon II, king of Assyria. Both kings are holding their royal scepters the long, straight rods in their hands. Image credits Wikimedia Commons left; Wikimedia Commons/Jastrow right. As to the question of the comet’s location as it heliacally rose, in the preceding chapter we proposed that the Christ Comet was narrowly inclined to the ecliptic plane and probably remained within the zodiacal band throughout its apparition. That obviously raises the tantalizing question in which zodiacal constellation or sign did the comet heliacally rise? In light of that question, it is helpful to list the zodiacal constellations Pisces the fishes The names of the zodiacal signs the -degree segments into which the zodiacal band was divided by the Babylonians around the middle of the irst millennium BC are identical except for the exclusion of Ophiuchus. So in which constellation or sign was the comet when it rose over the eastern horizon? The answer to this question is very important, for there can be little doubt that at least part of the reason that the Christ Comet’s behavior at the time of its heliacal rising was regarded as meaningful and significant was the celestial context in which it occurred. In this chapter I propose that the story of what the Star did in connection with its heliacal rising is actually recorded in some detail in the New Testament, speciically in Revelation That this text is the key to unlocking the mystery of what the Star did to mark the Messiah’s birth has gone unappreciated for long enough. Peru travel 2016.

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