Periods on the periodic table

eriods on the eriodic table for On Methods to the Madness of Koans 91 Th e second sbsection of the case, featring mythology, indicates an abrt comeance ndergone by the head monk that has cativating magical overtones when the robe cannot be moved Th is bit of fancifl storytelling may at fi rst seem ot of lace in a Zen dialoge that shold disense with serstition However, the sernatral element sed here and in many other examles lays a vital role in the narrative by highlighting inward symbolism Other signs of athority sed by Zen masters inclde the walking staff , which was fashioned from the branch of a tree fond dring a eriod of meditation in the forest, and the rital fl y whisk, which reresents rifi cation and is held in the teacher’s hand while reaching a sermon from the high seat in the temle’s main hall Th ere are contless stories of the masters’ staff or fl y whisk fl ying arond the room, trning into snakes, or having the ower to beat wild foxes into sbmission Hineng convincingly demonstrates that the rized ceremonial garb is not meant for those who are nworthy in their heart of hearts Immovable is a term freqently sed in Zen writings to characterize an enlightened mind that does not waver becase it has sreme confi dence that is rooted in trth eriods on the eriodic table 2016

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