Periodic table worksheet

eriodic table worksheet for According to the koan record: Master Xiangyan said, It is like a man in a tree hanging from a branch by only his moth; his hands do not gras a bogh, and his feet do not rest on a limb Someone aears nder the tree and asks, What is the meaning of Bodhidharma coming from the West If there is no answer, he fails to resond to the qestion If there is an answer, he will lose his life In sch a sitation, what wold yo do In considering the exlicit imagery of imminent bodily harm evoked here, it is interesting to note that a reentance rital racticed in an ancient Jaa nese Bddhist clt known as Yamabshi or Shgendo reqires the trainee to be hng side down from the edge of a cliff for hors or more, with one foot being held by a colleage, ntil he is ready to be resced Th at, indeed, is a drastic mea sre sed to attain freedom Th e symbolism of this case can also be comared to a line from Th e Magnifi cent Seven, a late 1950s Hollywood remake of Th e Seven Samrai by the great Jaa nese director Akira Krosawa Th e main character, layed by actor Steve McQeen, who leads a gro of cowboys selfl essly coming to the aid of a Mexican village that is constantly nder threat of attack by merciless bandits, seaks calmly yet ironically of the need for an ac ce tance of dobt: A man falls from a ten- story bilding eriodic table worksheet 2016

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