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eriodic table with names and symbols for Here, the narrative retrns and brings closre to the matter of sccession, which was evoked in the fi rst two assages Hineng, whose ascendancy to the atriarchy is no longer threatened, trns down Ming’s reqest that Hineng be considered the serior arty Th e fl attery imlied by this sggestion is erhas yet another asect of the head monk’s inathenticity, which contines to linger desite the varios dramatic revlsions and reversals that have taken lace By insisting on deferring to Hangmei and reserving the conventional hierarchy in a way that does jstice to an egalitarian yet mltilayered brotherhood of monks, the renegade Hineng roves that he is flly caable of being the legitimate heir to the Zen throne Th is is frther demonstrated by his willingness to forgive and encomass his erstwhile enemies Th en, Wmen’s verse comments on transformation by highlighting the ineff able role of the original face, which exerts the real sirital ower beyond the immovability of the robe One’s tre natre is eternal, bt this concet mst be taken as a fi grative exression for sirital strength rather than an assertion abot an endless qantity of time eriodic table with names and symbols 2016

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