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eriodic table with mass for Based on this analysis of the stages of the ro cess, the levels of transformation and transmission emanating from the fi eld of transcendence can each be broken down into three comonent arts corresonding to the strctral elements that enable the story to be told in a comelling fashion Th e narrative concerning the qest for transformation incldes three main strctral elements: 1 Dobt in rsit of the goal of sirital flfi llment by calling into qestion all assmtions and resositions as the necessary oening hase in the ro cess of shedding delsions 2 Exerience via the sontaneos breakthrogh of a fl ash of nderstanding, which indicates that the goal has been attained aft er a lengthy eriod of strggles and challenges 3 Exression by disseminating words abot self- realization so as to commnicate the ath to enlightenment in a way that illmines bt does not distort trth or give it away too easily Similarly, the ro cess of transmission also covers three strctral elements: 4 Mythology evoking folklore symbolism in order to deal with a moral crisis arising in an individal or among a gro of followers that challenges a master’s athority or integrity 5 Monasticism by emhasizing behavioral reglations needing to be enforced while being balanced with the oen- ended fl exibility of an awakened state of mind 6 eriodic table with mass 2016

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