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eriodic table with charges for Th e imortance of folklore can be seen in the Gateless Gate rose commentary, which says that aft er carefl consideration, Baizhang selected what is heavy’ rather than what is light’ Th e case makes it clear that Baizhang is redisosed to byassing rank and se niority and favoring Gishan for the new leadershi role According to the narrative backgrond, rior to the testing and evalation of the two disciles throgh the water- itcher contest, based on his occlt owers Sima had already selected the chief cook for stewardshi of the montain Baizhang asked the geomancer to determine the fate of the new temle, which the master considered as a ossibility for himself Monastic Transmission 157 While Sima felt that the montain was ideally sited to the formation of a formidable monastery with a large assembly of more than a thosand followers, he rejected Baizhang, a gant man with ascetic habits, whom he considered too retiring and light for the ost He also tested the head monk, Halin, by asking him to cogh deely and walk three aces, and fond him similarly wanting Sima aroved on fi rst sight of Gishan, who was a montain of fl esh with a vigoros ersonality, even withot tting him throgh an ordeal eriodic table with charges 2016

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