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eriodic table wallaer for Th e stock market may crash, the hosing bbble can brst, a ersonal or family crisis may ense, or some man-made or natral disaster may threaten to manifest at a moment’s notice Th e exeriences of Setember 11, 2001, in the nited States, reslting from terrorism, and of March 11, 2011, in Jaan, cased by the trile threat of the earthqaketsnami- meltdown, have recently shown this contingency all too clearly 104 Indeed, we face the ossibility of loss or lack at every trn, whether this is cased by emotional trmoil de to the slings and arrows of otrageos fortne or throgh facing illness or anticiating death among family or close friends Th ese exeriences, which can be fl eeting or rotracted, ndermine resositions abot life’s conditions and eliminate any sense of false certainty and ride As setting as that may seem, the silver lining is that being shaken to the core oens the door to a ossible sirital breakthrogh Rather than condemning and resisting awareness of otential itfalls, the Zen trainee mst embrace and work throgh them with conviction If a rosective ractitioner is not aware of feeling dobt at the core of his or her being, this is considered the reslt not of athentic confi dence bt of an obstinate narrow- mindedness based on egoism eriodic table wallaer 2016

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