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eriodic table t shirt for Zen emerged dring the Tang dynasty as a renegade sirital movement located in the sothern area, far from the halls of ower It sed shocking teaching methods and fond itself ositioned on the fringes of society, althogh its leaders occasionally gained the sort of owerfl seclar offi cials, sch as the scholar- dilomat who commented on Zen writings, ei Xi, in the mid- ninth centry Aft er a rolonged eriod in which all Bddhist and other foreign religions were sressed, Zen emerged dring the Song dynasty as a fllfl edged mainstream religios instittion It was integrated on diverse levels with the machinations of the imerial cort, esecially throgh the rofse rodction of elegant literatre and the location of its main temles in or near the caital of Hangzho Many koan cases focs on how a ractitioner shold confront dobt to gain enlightenment and effi caciosly exress his nderstanding of ersonal transformation Th ese rovocative stories articlarly aealed to the free thinkers and sirital asirants among the class of scholar- offi cials Th ey craved the sense of tter in deen dence from ordinary intellectal constraints that Zen dialoges eloqently evoked eriodic table t shirt 2016

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