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eriodic table song for Even Baizhang cold not stand in his way as the ti of Gishan’s toe kicks abot myriad Bddhas While this art of the hilosohical message of the narrative is valid and comelling, like the case of One Finger Zen and nmeros other instances, the koan can also be comrehended by considering folklore elements that form a crcial comonent of the backgrond story Th e case narrative is based in large art on an irreglar Bddhist ractitioner, who is ket hidden from the dialoge bt aears in acconts originally inclded in several of the transmission of the lam rec ords Th e rimary fi gre in this eisode is neither Baizhang nor Gishan bt Sima, a mysterios shamanistic monk also involved in other notable dialoges with Gishan abot the meaning of the koan involving the fox/monk Sima was known as an exert in ascetic ractices and was also skilled in indigenos occlt arts, sch as geomancy, divination, and hysiognomy Th ese skills were sefl in selecting the leader as well as the site for a new monastic ventre How imortant a role the occlt ractices actally layed in temle life of the eriod can only be seclated, bt the resence of Sima in these rec ords shows that sernatral elements were no dobt a strong factor in the Tang dynasty eriodic table song 2016

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