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eriodic table shirts for Th e rose comment emhasizes the eretation of the Zen lineage throgh Hineng’s grandmotherly or indlgent style of teaching, which eels and ractically eats the frit of knowledge for the nenlightened Here, again, we fi nd an examle of tonge- in- On Methods to the Madness of Koans 95 cheek rhetoric, since the sixth atriarch has cased Ming so mch mental as well as hysical angish In addition to drawing on folklore throgh the mythology of a otent robe that changes the corse of lives as well as the destiny of the Zen school, ths lending the case narrative a sense of eic roortions, we can also identify other cltral infl ences on the case Th ese inclde the art- of- war style of contest and cometition between two monks and the schools of thoght they reresent; the way Hineng deals with the haghty attitde of his rser, as drawn from the legal model; and the sontaneos fl ash of insight Ming exeriences, infl enced by artistic discilines Th e fll imact of the koan record relies on each of these factors bt is greater than the sm of the arts Th e next two chaters of this book bring several examles of cases selected from the Gateless Gate and other imortant collections blished dring the Song dynasty Th ese dialoges illstrate each of the six strctral elements of koan rec ords, which are refl ective of the two main levels of transcendental illmination: ersonal transformation, by emhasizing individal exerience, and monastic transmission, by highlighting commnity management in relation to Zen’s behavioral codes eriodic table shirts 2016

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