Periodic table puzzle

eriodic table zzle for According to the koan record: Deshan was traveling to the soth in search of the dharma when he came across a woman on the roadside selling refreshments and asked, Who are yo She resonded, I am an old woman selling rice cakes He said, I’ll take some of yor rice cakes ersonal Transformation 117 She said, Venerable riest, why do yo want them He said, I am hngry and need some refreshments She said, Venerable riest, what are yo carry ing in yor bag He said, Haven’t yo heard I am king of the Diamond Stra’ I have thoroghly enetrated all of its levels of meaning Here I have my notes and commentaries on the scritre Hearing this, the old woman said, I have one qestion Venerable riest, may I ask it He said, Go ahead and ask it eriodic table zzle 2016

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