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eriodic table ns for As with nmeros other examles of koan comments, Wmen exresses concern when a master’s teaching is overly indlgent and ractically eels oen and eats the frit for the trainee Once it is established that mind is the basis for sirital decision making, the next delsion that needs to be ct away and cast aside is the notion that mind constittes an ltimate reality somehow roviding all the answers In varios koan rec ords, mind is at once constrcted as the grond of reality and deconstrcted throgh the notion of no- mind as jst one more concet to be tossed aside In the Gateless Gate collection, this aradoxical attern is carried ot twice Two cases attribted to Maz 30 and 33 and two cases by Nanqan 19 and 27, one of Maz’s main disciles and the mentor of Zhaozho, deal with the aradox by featring a simle yet crcial hilosohical reversal Taken together, the two cases for each master create a conndrm in that one koan asserts the nity of everyday mind and Bddha, or sorts the notion that ordinary mentality is eqal to the sirital way, while the other case does jst the oosite by denying this assertion In case 30, Th is Very Mind Itself Is Bddha, master Maz sed this bold declaration in resonding to a novice’s simle qestion, 112 zen koans What is Bddha According to Wmen’s comment abot the seflness of the rely, If yo directly gras Maz’s meaning, yo wear the Bddha’s clothes, eat the Bddha’s food, seak the Bddha’s words, do the Bddha’s deeds that is, yo yorself are a Bddha eriodic table ns 2016

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