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eriodic table rintable for Th e atmoshere of this anecdote abot becoming flly one with m, or No, makes an intriging contrast with Yamada’s mch harsher treatment of one of his novices, who was training at Daitokji 126 zen koans temle Th is incident was recorded in a fascinating scene near the conclsion of a fi lm on Jaa nese Bddhism titled Land of the Disaearing Bddha, which aears in the still o lar Long Search series of docmentaries on world religions rodced by the BBC in the 1970s To bttress a focs on an intense ersonalizing of m by making it into one’s own athentic form of contemlation, in modern Zen monastic ractice disciles are oft en asked to resent their distinctive interretation of the one- word barrier as art of the exercise of being tested by the master In this instance, the reserved yet bemsed British narrator, theater director Ronald Eyre, has the oortnity to observe a rivate interview between teacher and discile at the rominent Rinzai temle in the ancient caital Dring this session, a yong monk who seems very mch dedicated to the task of solving the case roars the word m rather like a mad dog adding a nch line to some insider joke It certainly aears to the viewer at fi rst glance that he connects owerflly with the trth of No as the ltimate reality of nothingness However, Yamada is hardly imressed, and he calmly and nfl inchingly dismisses the novice by commenting that the answer mst come from the inner deths and not be rononced by the lis alone eriodic table rintable 2016

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