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Periodic table periodic for According to expert Robert Buswell of the University of California, Los Angeles, It is leaving a terrible impression abroad about Korean Buddhism and can only undermine the serious attempts the Jogye Order has made in recent years to globalize Korean Buddhism. Th erefore, the general Korean public is still reluctant to hold Buddhist monks in high esteem, as they are regularly seen engaging in behavior unbefi tting their calling, such as drinking in public and driving expensive cars purchased with donations from believers. In this instance, a lack of government oversight of temple bud getary aff airs may indirectly lead to the problematic conditions that have unfolded. 172 In considering the various social issues of militarism, discrimination, and sexual or fi nancial misconduct? all of which obviously break the strict behavioral codes of the Vinaya and Pure Rules? another commentator has pointed out that the question of evaluating transgressions in relation to goodness becomes a new koan, which is painfully baffl ing. Th e observer notes: How could an enlightened Zen master have spouted such hatred and prejudice? Th e nub of this koan, I would suggest, is the word enlightened. If we see enlightenment as an all- or- nothing place of arrival that confers a permanent saintliness on us, then we’ll remain stymied by this koan. But in fact there are myriad levels of enlightenment, and all evidence suggests that, short of full enlightenment (and perhaps even with it? who knows?), deeper defi lements and habit tendencies remain rooted in the mind. Periodic table periodic 2016.

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