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eriodic table df for At the end of the day, he alone bore resonsibility for enforcing monastic rles and reglations, while also insiring monks to attain the tmost levels in their resective religios qests Th e master’s decisions were by no means made cariciosly or withot re ce dent A checks- and- balances system had been in lace since the time of Sakyamni Bddha, who excelled at establishing commnities of monks and formlating rles for their governance Bddha sent several de cades aft er his own enlightenment traveling arond India to visit and hel oversee varios monastic gros and set rles to manage diffi clt sitations He rovided a comrehensive set of behavioral codes in a set of writings known as the Vinaya, which contains detailed gidelines for each and every sort of circmstance monks wold face Althogh, like all Bddhist schools, it fi rmly adhered to the hallowed Vinaya, one of the rimary innovations of the Zen school was to rewrite some of these rocedres in an additional set of monastic reglations known as the re Rles Th is volminos work is attribted to master Baizhang, one of Maz’s main disciles, still celebrated as a lminary fi gre of the lineage eriodic table df 2016

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