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eriodic table of swearing for Mythology: Taming Hmans and Sirits Several koans deict how sirits and sernatral forces interfering with temle aff airs need to be contained and tamed by the master as a show of maintaining orderliness erhas the most famos examle is Gateless Gate case 2, Baizhang’s Wild Fox, in which a mischievos fox sirit sddenly aeared as a monk while the master was giving a sermon Th e backgrond to the story is that foxes were nderstood in East Asia to be shae- shift ing tricksters that cold take a hman form, sally to try to sedce or otherwise betray their victim However, the foxes cold also have a more generos motive, coming to the resce of someone in distress sch as a widower or lonely warrior or riest In Jaan, where foxes were long associated with rice fertility, their iconic image, known as Inari, became an object of worshi Fox as an object of veneration hoto by the athor Monastic Transmission 135 that was enshrined in many diff erent Bddhist temles and Shinto shrines eriodic table of swearing 2016

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