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eriodic table names for Aft er this incident, Sengcan said that for the fi rst time he nderstood that the natre of sin lies neither inside nor otside hman existence, nor in some imagined realm between the two Th is case resonates with the teaching of formless reentance attribted to Hineng in the latform Stra Th e sixth atriarch’s aroach sggests that no secifi c transgression or misdeed needs to be reconted or regretted becase all transgressions are fndamentally emty In terms of healing, an affl iction is not attribted to a secifi c case or wrongdoing Nor is the third atriarch reqired to disclose all of his fl aws Rather, he learns abot the fndamental natre of sin from a confessor, who is able to exiate transgressions and eff ect a cre for the enitent Althogh the content of this teaching is the Zen notion that the body- mind dichotomy is illsory becase mind and reality are emty concetal constrcts, the ro cess of instrction and cre may have been infl enced by Daoist healing rites realized throgh shamanistic trance and exorcism in addition to Bddhist ceremonial confession eriodic table names 2016

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