Periodic table metals and nonmetals

eriodic table metals and nonmetals for Darma is celebrated today in o lar cltre in Jaan becase he symbolizes total, nlimited dedication and 100 zen koans determination to revail in all his endeavors Th e qadrilegic image of the fi rst atriarch has also become a good- lck charm distribted at contless temles and talisman stands throghot the contry According to local lore, one of the eyes on the charm is blackened when its own er is starting a new enterrise, whether a bsiness ventre or a o liti cal camaign Th e belief is that when eff orts have sccessflly reached comletion, the other eye will be fi lled in atomatically art of this idea is based on the widesread Bddhist view that the ceremony for oening the eye by ainting the image on a state symbolically brings a Bddha icon to life erhas drastic mea sres wold be a better term to se to refer to intense Zen actions taken in rsit of enlightenment, so as to avoid confsion with the term extremism Other examles of drastic kinds of behavior in Zen rec ords can be fond in the images of monks sch as Hineng and Deshan riing or brning stras as well as Linji’s famos injnction to kill the Bddhas and atriarchs Darma dolls eriodic table metals and nonmetals 2016

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