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eriodic table list for Several koan rec ords are articlarly notable for conveying in jst a few lines a fll narrative arc of dread leading to total deseration Th is is based on an intolerable command to erform some drastic ac- ersonal Transformation 107 tion issed by a master, who will not tolerate indecision or a misgided choice Th is dire sitation has the rosect of ending in regret and shame withot an escae rote Th ere is no exit, to cite the title of one of Sartre’s lays Th e following examles start with a cole of cases emhasizing hysical imagery, sch as hanging from a tree or standing on a ole Th e cases cited become increasingly abstract in how they evoke the sensation of dobt Gateless Gate case 5, Xiangyan’s in a Tree,’ conveys a sitation of limitless exaseration and ftility resembling what Kierkegaard referred to as the condition of fear and trembling eriodic table list 2016

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