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eriodic table labeled for Th is is accomlished throgh a new level of consciosness that attains a calm and resolte realization at once engaged with and detached from worldly activities Sch a breakthrogh comes from the remarkable fl ash of insight that the mind is not an object to be grased, literally or fi gratively Th e fnctions of the brain as a body art can be examined, and the notion of interior ercetion evalated, bt ltimately mind in Zen is jst another concet or a mental constrction that is emty and void of form in the fi nal analysis Th erefore, the term no- mind is oft en sed to avoid an attachment to a fi xed notion of mind and what it is sosed to reresent, bt this level of negation mst not become another extreme view based on metahysical nothingness or nihilism In koan stdies, this hase in the ro cess of entering the fi eld of transcendence is initiated by demonstrating that mind lies at the root of all distinctions and jdgments abot the otside world Mind ths needs to be modifi ed throgh a radical reassessment and adjstment of inner motivations and attitdes in accord with niversal sirital awareness Th e main koan that accomlishes this reliminary goal of the constrction of mind before the notion is decon- ersonal Transformation 111 strcted by other case records is Gateless Gate case 29, which deals with sixth atriarch Hineng’s saying, Not the Wind, Not the Flag: A temle fl ag was fl aing in the wind, and two monks started an argment eriodic table labeled 2016

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