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Periodic table jokes for Succession through choosing a true disciple, which ensures completion and brings closure to the account of the attainment and transference of enlightenment 86 Some koans, like the ones about Zhaozhou’s cypress tree, associated with the element of doubt, and his breakfast bowl, refl ective of an emphasis on monasticism, may seem one- dimensional, at least at fi rst glance, in highlighting a par tic u lar aspect of the narrative structure. In other instances, case rec ords may exhibit a more complicated approach to telling the tale of enlightenment that covers two or more elements. Sometimes, the complexity of the case narrative is veiled or enhanced by intricate allusions to traditional Zen lore and legends. Th ese meta phors are accessible for those learned in the tradition but may be diffi cult to recognize if one is not well versed. However, even if not understood at fi rst glance, allusions and references tend to draw a reader into the deeper levels of the narrative by inviting creative inquiry and exploratory ruminations. Zen dialogues are constructed so as to counter and undermine conventional thinking in a way that provokes a pondering mind to probe further by seeking to explain the unexplainable free of conjecture or bias. Huineng’s Powerful Robe Case 23, which is known as Th inking of neither Good nor Evil or Huineng’s Robe, is one of the more intricate case rec ords in the Gateless Gate collection and combines all six structural elements in a single compelling story, although the sequence of the developmental phases is somewhat altered. Periodic table jokes 2016.

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Periodic table jokes

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