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eriodic table interactive for Even thogh the fox exhibits demonic energy in some sitations, once its sirital force is transmted into serving as a rotector of the dharma, the fox’s benevolent ower makes it asiciosly eff ective as a gardian deity It cold ward off from the temle gronds varios sorts of troblesome activities Th e interaction of benevolent and malevolent forces within a single entity was based on a longstanding Bddhist theme going back to the enlightenment of Sakyamni It is said that rior to his awakening, Bddha was rotected dring a monsoon by a Naga a dragon or snake sirit that can shae- shift serving as an mbrella while he contined to sit nertrbed in meditation Th e Baizhang case narrative is relatively long and comlex, so it is smmarized here in terms of for main stages First, a monk with a beard and foxtail eeking throgh the bottom of his robe came to Baizhang’s blic lectre bt stayed behind aft er the other monks in the assembly dearted He confessed that he was not really a hman being or, t another way, he was a nonhman, a generic term for sirits, gods, and ghosts, the existence of which was robably taken for granted in the context of the remodern worldview of East Asian cltre eriodic table interactive 2016

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