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eriodic table images for Some eole are incorrigible learners and make no rogress becase they refse to enconter anxiety and alienation even if it srronds and ermeates every sitation Th ey may feel safe and secre in a bbble, bt this will invariably be short- lived For sch a trainee to begin to make rogress on the sirital athway, he or she mst qickly endre a sense of rofond instability and ncertainty Th is can take lace throgh an easier rote of consciosly learning enogh abot selfh ood and reality to nderstand that the ehemeral qality of life casing one to be erlexed abot the meaning of hman existence is a crcial steing- stone in the rsit of trth Or, if one earnestly seeks an awakening yet still clings to safety and avoids taking on dobt wholeheartedly, one mst ndergo a togher rote of having to be shocked into the nconscios sensation throgh the master’s selected method of abrt and dramatic teaching Shold one already be engaged with dobt bt the sensation is not taken to a drastic level, the feeling of anxiety will manifest in hysical or mental symtoms, ranging from a er sis tent ain to an nsettling dream, which are obstacles that can be transmted into a vehicle for gaining self- awareness In that event, angst needs to be heightened throgh drastic teaching mea sres and broght to a head, like a festering infected boil waiting to be lanced or a mental distrbance rgently in need of theraetic treatment eriodic table images 2016

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