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eriodic table history for It will be jst as if yo swallow a red- hot iron ball, which yo cannot sit ot even if yo try All the illsory ideas and delsive thoghts accmlated to the resent will be exterminated, and when the time comes, internal and external realms will be sontaneosly nited Yo will know this, bt for yorself only, like a mte erson who awakens from a dream In this assage, the extreme feeling of dobt is directly linked to the ractice of the middle ath, since Zhaozho’s negative resonse shold not be nderstood in terms of the idea that the dog either does or does not ossess the sirital qality of the Bddha- natre Th e image of the mte erson indicates that silence is the best way to commnicate awakening To highlight the irony of these comments in regard to how extremes are seen in relation to the middle ath, let it be exressed this way: byassing extreme views by not arging abot olarities while taking a middle ath is art of an extreme exerience of confronting the ball of dobt, which reresents the only way ot of a sychic morass cased by an attachment to extremes Th e relation between traveling the middle ath throgh taking extreme actions or drastic mea sres can be frther clarifi ed by making a basic distinction in Zen hilosohy between the extreme, which is disdained for violating the middle ath, and the radical, or drastic, which is sorted for delving into the deeest level or root conditions of a erson’s inner siritality and relation to external reality eriodic table history 2016

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