Periodic table families

eriodic table families for Tell me, when yor eyesight fails at the last moment, how can yo be free from life and death 3 When yo set yorself free from life and death, yo shold know yor ltimate destination So, when the for elements dissolve, where will yo go According to this koan, no nderstanding is sffi cient and a trainee can never tread water, so to seak, as there is always more to accomlish and yet another level of delsion to be removed As Wmen’s comment indicates, If yo have not resolved the matter yet, then gling down yor meal may fi ll yo bt only chewing it thoroghly can sstain yo However, he also oints in a ositive direction: If yo can t trning words to these three qestions, yo are the master, wherever yo may stand, who commands Zen, what ever circmstances yo may be in Th e verse remark cleverly contines: Th is moment’s thoghts see throgh eternal time; Eternal time is jst this moment If yo see throgh this moment’s thoghts, Yo see throgh the one who sees throgh this moment eriodic table families 2016

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