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eriodic table download for As in the Daoist anecdote of Zhangzi’s btterfl y dream, however, Qiann admits that she herself cannot tell her real identity: is it the erson sick in bed or the one who has been married Looking at the koan from the standoint of the folklore dimension indicates that the simle thogh rofond hilosohical isse of nondality is amlifi ed by an emhasis on the distrbing emotional exeriences of the main character Th ese narrative elements highlight the tensions involved in the crossing over of a variety of borders, inclding social bondaries involving secrity and alienation or family and otcast stats, as well as metahysical bondaries sch as self and other, life and death, or hman and ghostly realms Th is shows that strict disciline in the monastic comond cannot sress liminal and dreamlike exeriences from coming forth to a conscios level Yet Qiann’s fi nal declaration abot the nsettling and irreconcilable isse of her ersonal identity sggests that the theoretical debate concerning niversality verss articlarity remains an enigma Monastic Transmission 139 Another verse comment highlights the imagery of death that is sggested by the case’s reference to Qiann’s doble identity: each branches and reeds in front, aer money aft er the fneral cart, O disciles of the old foreigner, Yo will not enter into the realm of the dead Th e fi rst two lines refer to cstoms for keeing away demons in traditional Chinese fneral ro cessions, indicating that the mythical isse of where the dead sol resides and how it retrns to life is intertwined with the symbolic isse of maintaining social order Th e third line is a freqently sed ironic self- criticism of Zen monks, who were disciles of Bodhidharma eriodic table download 2016

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