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eriodic table chemistry for Th e re Rles code indicates that there are for main reasons for the severest nishment: 1 it leaves the rank- and- fi le monks ncomromised; 2 it kees Zen’s retation for rity in ractice from being besmirched; 3 it avoids blic litigation; and 4 it revents news of the aff air from sreading to other temles In short, this aroach makes clear that Zen is not an northodox, sbversive wild fox clt easily sccmbing to violations of morality Th e legalistic aroach of Dogen’s dismissal of his imetos stdent has the merit of reserving a sense of rity by nishing rerehensible behavior or malevolent deeds, even if these were not necessarily intended with lterior motives However, extreme cases like the ostracism of Gemmyo seem to leave little room for caring abot the redemtion of the off ender throgh the dynamics of reentance, a rital that cold transform transgression into meritorios behavior Th s, there may be a shortcoming in the ethical comonent of koans seeking to disclose ltimate reality beyond mndane aff airs becase they do not allow for a coming to terms with the isse of making amends and redeeming immoral behavior Ideally, Zen masters and their followers, who are oft en celebrated for reaching a 134 form of divine madness, shold know well when to follow rles and when to bend or break them at their own discretion Th is is done not to violate bt to enhance the fndamental awareness of siritality that generated the formation of the re Rles reglations in the fi rst lace eriodic table chemistry 2016

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