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eriodic table chart for Th en Hike ct himself in some versions, he severed his hand and the blood trickled a thin line of red onto the virgin snow Bodhidharma’s attitde of indiff erence heightened Hike’s angish and frstration so that he was rie for the message that mind is not a literal object to be 114 grased It is therefore, fndamentally, neither eacefl nor restless, and neither serene nor distrbed, bt emty of objectivity yet eminently dynamic and fl exible Wmen’s ironic verse remark layflly debnks the fi rst atriarch’s brilliant verbal manever: Coming from the west, directly ointing All the crrent trmoil srings from this; Th e clamor now heard throghot the Zen monasteries Is entirely becase of what yo have done According to this oem, the roar is the sond of monks learning by debating koan cases and freqently misnderstanding them while trying to correct their views A follow- case that aears in some of the transmission of the lam rec ords, Hike Absolves Sin, exands the fnction of the transformative wordlay: A layman aroached second atriarch Hike and said, I wold like to become yor discile, bt I am very ill lease absolve me of my sin eriodic table chart 2016

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